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Fintech startup Topi receives $45 million investment

Berlin-based fintech startup Topi has received an investment of $45 million, of which $15 million is equity and $30 million is debt.

Topi was created by Estelle Merle and Charlotte Pallua , who met during their MBA studies at Harvard Business School . It was unclear exactly what Topi would do at the time of publication. However, with the new investment, the company also announced its first product to be implemented jointly  with the German electronics retailer Gravis .


Founded in 2021, the Berlin-based startup has a B2B platform where retailers and businesses can connect to provide rental equipment such as office monitors and cameras. At its most basic level, Topi sells a hardware-as-a-service business model that allows vendors to rent their equipment such as smartphones, printers, computer monitors, coffee machines. The company offers a hardware subscription platform for retailers and SMBs to connect. 

Topi’s platform is a versatile toolkit for both sides of the transaction, with proprietary loan decision-making algorithms built on open banking software that combine with payment providers to generate monthly subscription fees for various electronic devices. Many retailers will already offer some form of financing or leasing option, but Topi is looking to incorporate companies into its platform to offer loan opportunities to the broader market. In doing so, the company aims to capitalize on the rise in popularity of hardware-as-a-service (HaaS).

The co-founders said the business could potentially expand into other verticals or expand geographically depending on the data. Topi currently has around 35 employees. 


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