Fines: proportionate to income

Fines: proportionate to income.


Galeazzo Bignami, Deputy Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, declares:

The introduction of income-related fines is not a decision taken or a certainty. The introduction of a mechanism of proportionality between sanctions and income can be studied further: it is to be assessed whether it corresponds to logic of congruity and social equity. The situation in which a person with a very high income is afflicted with a fine of 130 euros is different from that of a person who is ‘affected’ by that fine for 10% of his income. The theme of accidents is particularly dramatic. First of all, I believe that the call to discipline young people is very correct. Furthermore, it is essential to intervene on the infrastructural level to ensure greater road safety, starting from the construction ofsmart city and promoting the use of new technologies.

Even the Highway Code needs to be updated, it dates back to 30 years ago. A discussion table will also be convened for this. It is necessary to intervene on the sanctions in terms of time. Anyone who drives drunk or drugged is a potential killer. The suspension of the license for two or three years or the revocation for life must be done. Also intervene on driving license points , 98% of Italians have more than 20 points. Between zero and nine points there are ‘only’ 0.24%, which is 100,000 people. This requires a point of reflection and discussion.


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