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Final Fantasy VII Remake was initially supposed to be split into two parts


Creative director Tetsuya Nomura and producer Yoshinori Kitase revealed in an interview with Famitsu that they initially considered the idea of ​​dividing Final Fantasy VII Remake into two parts and not three. Nomura and Kitase have specified that in the past they have chosen not to provide precise indications regarding how many parts they would make precisely because they were not yet sure that the path of the trilogy was the right choice.

The reason we didn’t immediately announce how many parts there would be is because we were still deciding whether to do a trilogy or a two-part series, ”Nomura pointed out.“ Originally I was planning a trilogy, but Yoshinori Kitase suggested that there was the possibility of making only two parts.

Kitase then added that things only became clear after the work on part 1 was finished. And it was at that moment that he thought there might be an option to arrive at an ending in the third chapter. Nomura then specified that the project will not be further expanded and that the third chapter will be sufficient to tell the epilogue of the new version of Final Fantasy VII. He also ensured that no elements of the original game will be cut.

We remind you that Final Fantasy VII Rebirth , the second part of Final Fantasy VII Remake, was recently presented . Rebirth will arrive between late 2023 and early 2024.


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