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Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade and PS Plus: fixed the problem that prevented the download of the game

From now on, all PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium subscribers who already own Final Fantasy VII Remak and can download the Intergrade version . The issue preventing the game from downloading has finally been fixed.


In recent days, in fact, there have been many users who have reported that they could not download the game due to a licensing problem. Basically, the system prevented the download of the title because it recognized the two software, the basic version and the Intergrade version, as identical.

We remind you that the Intergrade version compared to the base, includes a whole series of important technical improvements , texture, lighting and resolution side compared to the PS4 version and the DLC dedicated to Yuffie, ” EPISODE INTERmission”.

From today, therefore, if you are subscribed to PlayStation Plus Extra or Premium and are already in possession of Final Fantasy 7 Remake, when you go to redeem the Intergrade version, the download of the single DLC will simply start, thus giving you the possibility to complete the adventure .


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