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Final Fantasy VII Remake: Fans try to guess the name of Part 3


As of today, we know that the Final Fantasy VII Remake saga will include three chapters. The first will be called Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth , while the third does not yet have a name. Fans, however, are trying to guess and, through Reddit, they have indulged in a series of hypotheses.

The most accredited hypothesis is that the name will also begin with an ” R ” in light of the fact that the first two parts also begin with an R (“Remake” and “Rebirth”). There are those who have shared some ironic options such as the improbable “Revengeance”, a clear reference to Metal Gear Rising Revengeance and those who instead decide to take inspiration from Final Fantasy XIV trying to suggest titles like “Realm Reborn”, “Rendwalker” and ” Readowbringers “

There are those who have instead ventured a more solid ” Resurrection “, a name that could suggest the presence of other substantial changes to the original plot, which obviously we will not mention to avoid spoilers. To find out, however, we will certainly have to wait a long time.

We remind you that on the occasion of the event for the 25 years of Final Fantasy VII, Square Enix has unveiled the second part of Final Fantasy VII Remake. The second chapter of the saga, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will be available next winter , ie in the period between the end of 2023 and the beginning of 2024.


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