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Final Fantasy 16: The producer believes that FF XIV and FF XV have had a negative impact on the saga


During an interview with 4Gamer microphones,  Naoki Yoshida stated that the last chapters of the Final Fantasy series, namely FF XIV and FFXV , have had a negative impact on the reputation of the saga . According to the words of the producer, the original fourteenth chapter and the fifteenth were not welcomed in a positive way by the players and this affected the consideration of the entire series.

Yoshida also pointed out that in recent years the development times of the chapters of the series have lengthened a lot and this has prevented the software house from publishing games that could mark the adolescence of the younger generations, thus making other video game series more popular.

Being the producer of the next chapter, Naoki Yoshida had to take all this into account, wanting to show how a different Final Fantasy is certainly possible by not repeating the mistakes of the past. Some players, as highlighted by Yoshida himself in the interview, will not be easy to convince, as they think the next chapter of the series will be just like the previous one, but the Producer and the development team are determined to be able to package an experience that is able to communicate to players that the series as a whole is truly fantastic.

We remind you that Final Fantasy XVI will be available in the summer of 2023 on PS5.


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