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Final Fantasy 16 Release Date Announced

The release date of Final Fantasy 16, which will be released exclusively for the console, has been released with a gameplay trailer.

The Game Awards, one of the favorite events of the game world and hosting numerous new announcements, started at 03.30 pm with the presentation of Geoff Keighley. On the one hand, the games find their awards in various categories, on the other hand, brand new news and updates are enough to inflame the industry.


The release date of Final Fantasy 16 , which has been added to it with interviews and gameplay trailers since it was announced in State of Play , was officially announced with a trailer featuring gameplay footage from The Game Awards.

When will Final Fantasy 16 debut?

It is stated that the game, in which Clive Rosfield plays the main character, will keep the theme of revenge in the center and the story will resort to unexpectedly dark narrative forms, while it is stated that the extraordinary kombat scenes will make the gameplay saturated.

The trailer, which also shows various locations and enemies, shows how big a role Eikons play in the game. As we expect from the FF series, besides the depth of the RPG genre, a visual richness welcomes us.

The game, which will be released on June 22, 2023 and developed by Square Enix, will be released exclusively for PS5 consoles. The production, which will remain exclusive to the console until December 31, 2023, will then debut on other platforms.


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