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FIFA 23, a new update is available by surprise: here’s what changes

The new FIFA 23 update is officially available: here are the news.

Just a few moments ago, EA Sports released a new official update for FIFA 23 on consoles and PC: from now on the Title Update 5 is officially available for download , with many changes and bugfixes.


In fact, the developers are continuing to work hard to ensure the right balance for FIFA 23 (you can find it on Amazon ), keeping an eye on not only FUT, but also all the other modes such as the most recent World Cup.

Among the many innovations recently implemented there is in fact the possibility of playing in the World Cup , for which we would already know not only which are the strongest players , but also which would be the surprising winning team .


As reported by DualShockers , the new FIFA 23 patch has fixed some graphical and stability bugs that could happen in this mode and in FUT, but the most important news comes in the form of a nerf for a specific type of pass.

Indeed, it seems that now the « Driven Lobbed Through » passes will no longer be as effective as before : Title Update 5 has not only decreased the height of their trajectory , but will also make sure that their accuracy is specially decreased , if the aim is well away from the direction the passer is facing.


Numerous bugfixes were then implemented that will improve the behavior of the AI ​​​​for our players: EA Sports has in fact discovered that they could often find themselves performing operations that had not been requested by users, such as protecting the ball or refusing to perform certain passes.


Non è inoltre passata inosservata, tra le tante modifiche, anche la possibilità che un portiere potesse raccogliere la palla con le mani anche in occasione di un retropassaggio: un’opzione finalmente rimossa e che renderà più realistiche le vostre partite.

Tra i tanti bugfix segnalati vogliamo sottolineare anche una piccola modifica relativa alla modalità carriera da giocatore: in alcuni casi poteva infatti non comparire il nostro attributo di crescita per le abilità di portiere, risolto anche in questo caso dalla nuova patch.

Il Title Update 5 è già disponibile per il download per le versioni PS5, Xbox Series X|S e PC, mentre gli utenti PS4 e Xbox One riceveranno questo aggiornamento soltanto nei prossimi giorni.


We also remind you that the news for the latest licensed chapter of EA Sports are not finished yet: the next updates will in fact also include the official Women’s Champions League .


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