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Ferrari develops a new exclusive car for Gran Turismo 7: here’s how to get it

Ferrari Vision GT was born from a collaboration between the house of Maranello and Gran Turismo.

Gran Turismo 7 and Ferrari have announced a new very important collaboration, which has brought the Maranello company into the world of racing sims by developing avery interesting new exclusive car .


In fact, fans will soon be able to admire and test, exclusively within Gran Turismo 7 (you can find it on the Black Friday offer on Amazon ), the brand new Ferrari Vision GT , a sports concept car created thanks to the partnership with Polyphony Digital.


The announcement came during the event for the 25th anniversary of the saga , with a reveal in grand style that testifies to Ferrari’s desire to also strongly focus on the video game racing sim market.

The vehicle took strong inspiration from the Gran Turismo series itself for its design and interior, which according to the Maranello company itself is designed with the idea of ​​creating what appears to be a ” contradiction “ and devising a possible futuristic car .

Ferrari develops a new exclusive car for Gran Turismo 7: here's how to get it
Ferrari develops a new exclusive car for Gran Turismo 7: here's how to get it

As reported by MP1st , the new concept car will become available for Gran Turismo 7 fans starting December 23 , but there will also be an additional possibility to receive it for free after participating in an interesting initiative.

In fact, the developers will offer an interactive quiz within the game itself , in which users will have to answer a few questions correctly: the winners of the campaign will receive the vehicle as a gift as early as next December 15th .


This date was not chosen by chance, given that Ferrari on December 15th itself will see the concept car exhibited as part of its Museo Ferrari Maranello until March 23rd 2023 , together with all the other exclusive one-off models in the exhibition.

The fascinating new futuristic vehicle is therefore an opportunity not to be missed for fans of the seventh chapter, as well as representing a very interesting new collaboration.


We remind you that the latest update of the seventh chapter is already available for download : if you haven’t already downloaded it, we recommend that you do so as soon as possible to access all the features.

Furthermore, the news may not have ended here: Kazunori Yamauchi, the father of the series, has suggested the possible arrival of Gran Turismo on PC , for the first time in the history of the franchise.



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