FCAS: the aviation system that will change our lives

FCAS: the aviation system that will change our lives.


Flight Control Augmented System ( FCAS ) is an artificial intelligence (AI) based flight control system that allows an aircraft to fly autonomously. The system was developed by Airbus and Dassault Aviation as part of a joint project to build an advanced flight control system.


FCAS uses an artificial neural network , along with advanced algorithms, to monitor and manage aircraft movements in flight. This system is able to recognize and respond to changes in the flight environment to ensure safer and more precise driving. The system can make quick decisions in an emergency and can even avoid collisions with other aircraft.

The system was designed to replace traditional human-based flight control. With the help of this system a pilot can perform multiple tasks simultaneously, thus reducing fatigue and increasing flight safety.

This new method of driving also offers a number of benefits, such as shorter flight times, lower fuel costs and increased flight safety. The system is also able to provide greater precision in navigation and to reduce response times in case of emergency situations.


We’re talking about a promising technology that could revolutionize the way we travel in the future. While there are still many challenges to be faced before the system is ready for use in commercial flights, the advent of FCAS marks a major turning point for the civil aviation industry .


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