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Far Cry 6, the new update introduces the most requested feature since launch: here are all the news

Far Cry 6 Title Update 6 is out: New Game Plus is officially here!

Ubisoft has formalized the launch of a new update dedicated to Far Cry 6 in the last few hours : the Title Update 6 was particularly awaited by the community of the title, given that it adds the most requested feature ever.


Players who had already completed the sixth chapter campaign (you can find it for less than 20 euros on Amazon ) will in fact be able to replay it more easily , keeping most of their progress and unlocked content.

The Title Update 6 therefore introduces the highly anticipated New Game Plus : a feature that Ubisoft evidently wanted to offer in view of the imminent and crazy space DLC , included in the edition that – with a little courage – the team defines ‘year » and for which 120 euros are requested .


The new update is already available on both consoles and PC : all the news and the official weight have been communicated by the development team in the appropriate changelog, which you can consult yourself at the following address .

Far Cry 6, the new update introduces the most requested feature since launch: here are all the news

Ubisoft reveals to us that the New Game Plus can only be activated from the main menu if we have completed the campaign with our last save file . If there were multiple available, the feature will necessarily use the latest save file : it seems that it will therefore be necessary to manually “update” a file if fans wish to use alternative progress.


With this mode you will be able to keep almost all collectibles and upgrades , but having the game world and inventory reset. The latter, while not transferable, can still be regained with natural progress in the campaign.


Another novelty of the new update comes in the form of « Completionist Aid », an aid for those who want to complete everything that Far Cry 6 has to offer 100%: the new interface will in fact signal our progress in each of the areas of Yara , so as to make your hunt for each objective much easier.

The team also reports that this is not a particularly light patch, given the large amount of content and bugfixes present: below we will report the official weight according to the different platforms.

  • PC : 26.31GB
  • Xbox One : ~15GB
  • Xbox Series X|S : Between 25.5 and 40 GB
  • PlayStation 4 : ~23GB
  • PlayStation 5 : ~26.6GB

The official changelog concludes with some interesting notes: a free demo of Far Cry 6 is now available , with which you can try all the Isla Santuario missions for free and which you can transfer to the full version.


Furthermore, it is reported that the update and the new DLC will not be available for those who bought the game on Stadia , considering that the Google service has announced its end. However, Ubisoft has promised to be currently working to transfer Far Cry 6 and other games of the company eventually purchased on the Ubisoft Connect platform .

Staying on the subject of updates from Ubisoft, the company has also surprisingly released the latest Assassin’s Creed Valhalla update in the past few hours : the patch was initially scheduled for next week and includes the free DLC that concludes the Eivor saga, officially representing the end of post-launch support.


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