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Fans are concerned about rumors of massive layoffs at Cartoon Network and support the channel with collages

The Cartoon Network channel that produced shows such as Tom and Jerry, Scooby-Doo and Powerpuff Girls has long been part of Warner Bros., but right now, many fans are seriously worried about this. This is due to unconfirmed rumors that the new owners have already fired 82 animators, in the process of laying off another 125 employees, and in general they are going to get rid of at least 26% of all Cartoon Network employees.


There are also darker rumors, according to which Cartoon Network will be completely closed soon. This information was officially denied by representatives of both Warner Bros. and Cartoon Network itself, but changes to WB Discovery are in full swing and will not end until the end of the year.

Nineties kids and other fans of the channel’s cartoons reacted to the situation on social networks, and even (seemingly) dispensed with the classic death threats to employees of a “bad” company. Instead, they began to publish collages with Cartoon Network cartoon characters in large quantities, expressing their interest and support. Some of these posts go beyond a hundred thousand likes, so people clearly care about the situation.

Here are some of these works:

— moc 🏜 (@manofculturez) October 12, 2022


— RapTV (@RapTV) October 13, 2022 
— Monica Verma (@TrulyMonica) October 14, 2022

Merger of Warner Bros. and Cartoon Network happened back in 2018 and, it seems, nothing too bad happened to the channel.


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