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Facebook Messenger: encrypted chats will get a little more color

Facebook Messenger: encrypted chats will get a little more color.


For some time now, Facebook’s messaging application, Messenger, has introduced the option to chat with end-to-end encryption, which means that your chats are encrypted when they leave your device and until they do not reach the recipient, protecting them from prying eyes (even those of Facebook).


However, if you activate this feature, your chats will have much less functionality than regular chats, which is definitely not very appealing to users. Meta has announced that many of the limitations will finally be lifted.

On Monday, Facebook announced it had added a number of new features to end-to-end encrypted chats, including chat themes, custom emojis and reactions, the ability to set profile photos in groups, as well as previews of messages. links. While the new features certainly add a splash of color to encrypted chats, it’s still only a partial solution.

e2e chats are still not the default and need to be turned on manually. A very different situation from what we find on WhatsApp, where all chats are always encrypted, which also protects the privacy of less experienced users, who do not know the importance of protecting the content of their conversations, and just as often do not they know how to navigate the settings of messaging apps.


The company said it will gradually roll out tests to enable end-to-end encryption on Messenger by default. This means that in the coming months, some users will receive a notification that their chats have been updated to include end-to-end encryption. Users will be chosen randomly. Facebook has said that “millions” of people around the world will soon have access to the feature.


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