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Facebook has worked with some non-profit organizations on a campaign to protect minors from revenge pron and online harassment


Meta enhances the privacy of younger users. In these hours Facebook has added some functions designed to increase the safety of underage users, for example by protecting them from possible harassment and other sources of danger.

One of the novelties concerns the fight against non-consensual pornography and, in particular, against the distribution of child pornography. Meta announced that it has partnered with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) . From this understanding a new platform was born, designed with the aim of providing some useful tools to counter the spread of revenge porn .

Meta is also working with Thorn and NoFiltr on an awareness campaign with the aim of reaching underage users and explaining to them what are the common sense practices to follow to avoid ending up victims of revenge porn and who to ask for help in case of danger.

Meta then recalled the measures introduced last year to counter harassment on its social networks (including Instagram), for example by preventing ‘suspicious’ adult users from interacting with minors, blocking the possibility of sending private messages.

Facebook suggests underage users to pay particular attention to some parameters of their privacy settings. For example by increasing restrictions on the following settings:

  • Who can see their friends list
  • Who can see the people, Pages and lists they follow
  • Who can see posts they’ve been tagged in on their profile

Additionally, Meta suggests always checking posts they’re tagged in before allowing them to appear on their profile, and recommends restricting the settings around who is allowed to comment under public posts.



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