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Facebook and Instagram increase intellectual property protection features

The company announced that it has added new Intellectual Property (IP) Reporting API and new features to its Brand Rights Protection tool.

Meta announced in a blog post yesterday that it has increased its intellectual property protection features on Facebook and Instagram. In this context, the company announced the new Intellectual Property (IP) Reporting API. The Intellectual Property (IP) Reporting API will allow rights holders to report content they believe infringes their intellectual property rights.


With the API, reporting of infringement of intellectual property rights will be carried out automatically. Integrated with the Graph API, the IP API will enable large-scale violation notifications by quickly filling in the forms required for reporting. 

In addition, the company has added new features to its Brand Rights Protection tool , which it launched for brands to detect trademark infringement, counterfeit products and copyright infringement . Added automatic content removal for selected brands to make the Brand Rights Protection tool work more smoothly. The feature is currently rolling out to brands with a history of removing content. 

In addition, Facebook pages and Instagram accounts owned by the rights holders can be uploaded to the vehicle as a list. It will also automatically suggest ads, trade listings, Facebook pages and Instagram accounts for brands to review for infringement. 

It is worth adding that the search and reporting features of the Brand Rights Protection tool have also been improved. Expanding search options and adding impersonation to reporting is positioned as a notable improvement. 

With this step, the company has solved one of the most important problems of brands, small businesses, public figures and multi-follower influencers on the platform for a long time. 



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