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Even the Chinese giant Baidu is working on an AI like ChatGPT

Even the Chinese giant Baidu is working on an AI like ChatGPT.


According to a report published by the Bloomberg media outlet, the Chinese giant Baidu is also developing an artificial intelligence similar to ChatGPT, the Open AI chatbot capable of autonomously processing an original text starting from the user’s prompt.


The project is described as still in an embryonic stage, it follows that the details are still scarce and smoky. In any case, according to Bloomberg, the system will be based on Ernie, a rather advanced machine learning model which is already judged internally as extremely effective in understanding language.

We also know that Baidu has not yet chosen the official name with which it intends to open its artificial intelligence to the public, nor are the timing before the launch known.

ChatGPT is the novelty of the moment and more and more companies see the artificial intelligence of Open AI as a potential risk for their business. Google, for example, fears that tools like ChatGPT could make search engines obsolete. For this reason, even Mountain View would have entrusted Deep Mind with the task of creating an AI capable of understanding natural language and autonomously generating original texts. Internally the Google project is called Project Sparrow.


Microsoft has instead announced an important nine-figure investment in Open AI and has already announced that artificial intelligence will soon be integrated into a variety of products in its ecosystem of services, including the Bing search engine.


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