European Union Leaders’ Summit kicks off in Brussels

The European Union Leaders’ Summit started in Brussels, the capital of Belgium, to discuss energy, security and defense issues as well as the Ukraine-Russia War.

The European Union Leaders’ Summit started in Brussels, the capital of Belgium. EU leaders began to come to the EU’s Europa building from the early morning hours for the 2-day summit. Within the framework of the summit, the leader is expected to discuss energy, defense and security, the EU’s foreign relations and especially relations with its southern neighbors, including the Ukraine-Russia War. On Ukraine, the leaders will discuss ongoing EU political, military, humanitarian and civil defense assistance to Ukraine, as well as repairing Ukraine’s loss of essential infrastructure.



Another topic of the summit will be energy. EU leaders will discuss the energy crisis in Europe With The Ukraine War. proposed by the EU Commission and presented as the EU’s prescription against the energy crisis; Reducing energy demand, joint gas purchase, secure energy supply and low energy price target will be on the leaders’ table. The leaders will also discuss the issue of the electricity market.


In line with the decisions taken at the Versailles Summit held in France in March, the issue of the EU’s development of its own defense policies will also be on the agenda of the summit in Brussels. Leaders are expected to set medium and long-term targets for the EU to take more responsibility for its own security, to develop its defense capacity and to develop its own independent capability on the axis of the “Strategic Compass”.

Within the framework of the Summit, the financial support given to its own companies by the recent legal changes made by the USA, and therefore the risk of the EU being left behind in global competition, are among the issues to be discussed at the meeting. EU leaders will look for ways to determine their own strategy against this policy of the USA.


On the other hand, EU leaders will also discuss their relations with their “southern neighbors” around the Mediterranean. It will also be discussed what strategy the EU will follow against the Middle East problems, which will redefine its relations with its Southern neighbors, especially to find a solution to the energy crisis.

French President Emmanuel Macron, who came to Brussels for the EU leaders’ summit, answered journalists’ questions. Noting that the issue of support to Ukraine, steps to be taken in the field of energy and relations with Mediterranean countries will be discussed, Macron said, “First, we will discuss our support for Ukraine due to the war. As you know, France held a solidarity conference meeting to support the Ukrainian people. We have created a solidarity fund of more than 1 billion euros to help the people of Ukraine to spend the winter by providing them with needs such as civil defense, generators, lamps. “While we continue to discuss the new sanctions package against Russia, we foresee a macroeconomic financial support of 18 billion euros to Ukraine,” he said.

Confirming that the issues of renewable energy licenses and limiting gas prices will be discussed, Macron said, “As the EU , we need to make clear decisions on energy for 2023.” Macron also said that he is pleased that the issue of relations with their southern neighbors and Mediterranean countries, which they attach great importance to as France, will also be discussed. Macron also stated that he supports the EU to take its own decisions in order to protect its green technology and industry against the protective economic laws of the USA on the “global competition and US policies”, which is one of the agenda items of the summit.


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