European stock markets soared


European stock markets finished the third trading day of the week with gains. At the closing, the benchmark index Stoxx Europe 600 increased by 1.71 percent to 431.44 points.

The FTSE 100 index in the UK increased by 1.72 percent to 7,497.32, the DAX 30 index in Germany increased by 1.54 percent to 14,097.82, the CAC 40 index in France increased by 2.01 percent, and the FTSE in Italy was 6,580.24. The MIB 30 index rose 1.66 percent to 24,111.97 points.



Euro/dollar parity depreciated by 0.28% as of 20.20 TSI and traded at 1.06 levels.

The European Union (EU) approved the public support of a total of 49 billion euros to Germany’s companies affected by the energy crisis, and a total of 28 billion euros for various renewable energy investments such as wind and solar.


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