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EU metaverse flops: ‘just six people at inauguration’


In an attempt to bring the under 30s closer to politics, the European Union has invested a large number of resources in the creation of a digital space. In short, what in jargon (and probably improperly) is called metaverse .


Despite EU investment, the 3D social platform was a massive flop. The EU had organized a party to celebrate the inauguration of its metaverse, but according to a journalist who attended it, only five people would have shown up (who, moreover, stayed for a very few minutes).

The platform would have cost almost 400 thousand euros . “I was at the 387,000 EU metaverse kick-off concert (it was designed to appeal to non-politically active 18-35 year olds),” wrote journalist Vince Chadwick . “I had an uninspiring conversation with the only five people there, after which I was left alone.”

The reporter shared a short video of the moment, where different avatars (all NPCs) are seen dancing to the beat of the music.


In the meantime, the news of the sensational flop went around the web, paradoxically attracting a large number of onlookers. For a few hours, the EU’s Global Gateway platform was filled with users interested in seeing the European metaverse for themselves .



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