EU imposes new sanctions on Russia

The package includes adding nearly 200 individuals and institutions and 3 Russian banks to the sanctions list, banning exports of dual-use products and banning mining investments.

The European Union (EU) member states approved the 9th sanctions package, which includes the addition of approximately 200 individuals and institutions and 3 Russian banks to the sanctions list, an export ban on dual-use products, and a ban on mining investments.


The European Council announced that member states have officially approved the 9th package of sanctions aimed at increasing the pressure on Russia.

The agreed sanctions package includes a series of new measures aimed at weakening the Russian economy’s ability to wage war, the statement said.

Pointing out that export controls and restrictions are imposed on dual-use goods and technologies that can contribute to the technological development of Russia’s defense and security sector, Russia cannot purchase important chemicals, nerve gases, night vision, radio, navigation, electronics and information technology products. and it was noted that the institution entered the list of sectoral restrictive measures.

In the statement, it was stated that the export ban on goods and technologies related to the aerospace industry was expanded to include aircraft engines and parts, and that the ban would apply to both manned and unmanned aerial vehicles, and that the export of drone engines to Russia directly or through third countries was prohibited. was done.



In the statement, which stated that the EU additionally froze the assets of 2 Russian banks, it was noted that all transactions of the Russian Regional Development Bank were banned.

In the statement, it was noted that a broadcast ban would be imposed on NTV/NTV Mir, Rossiya 1, REN TV and Pervyi Kanal, and the provision of advertising, market research and opinion polling services, as well as product testing and technical inspection services to Russia was prohibited.

Assets of certain people were frozen, travel ban came

Pointing out that new investments in the Russian mining sector are prohibited, the statement stated that activities involving certain critical raw materials are not covered by this ban.

In the statement, it was noted that many people were added to the sanctions list within the scope of the package, their assets were frozen and a travel ban was imposed.

EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen also shared about the package on her social media account.

“I welcome the agreement on the 9th package of sanctions against Russia.” Von der Leyen said the new sanctions target the Russian economy and war capability, along with technology, finance and media.

Von der Leyen stated that about 200 people and institutions were sanctioned with the package.


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