EU concerned about Ankara’s Russia policy

It turned out that the European Union (EU) was uncomfortable and concerned about Turkey’s close relationship with Russia.

EU High Representative for Foreign Relations and Security Policy Josep Borrell sent a letter to the European Parliament, asking Turkey to take necessary steps to change its Russian policy.



According to the news published in newspapers and magazines published in Germany, Austria and Croatia, and some newspapers belonging to the “Funke Media Group”, which has partnerships in the internet media, headquartered in Essen, Germany, Borrell stated in the article he sent that the EU is concerned with the development of economic relations between Moscow and Ankara. He stressed that he was worried.

Borrell also stated that Turkey’s failure to implement EU sanctions against Russia is a growing concern. Reminding that Turkey is a candidate country for the EU, Josep Borrell demanded that EU countries’ sanctions against Russia be implemented by Turkey as well. Borrell also pointed out that Turkey and the EU are included in the same Customs Union. Borrell, who did not hide his concern that sanctions against Russia could be breached due to the free movement of EU products, stressed that all candidate countries, including Turkey, are expected to abide by the agreements.


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