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Epic Games, the CEO again against Apple: “every politician should be afraid of his power”


According to Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney , politicians should fear Apple’s power and intervene as soon as possible to counter its oligopolistic tendencies. It is yet another jab by Epic Games against Apple: a year ago it had taken the company to court (with modest results) after a daring provocation that had caused the expulsion of Fortnite from the App Store.


Meanwhile Sweeney’s crusade against Apple has been joined by a number of other influential voices, including Spotify CEO, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk — who recently accused the company of opaquely censoring developers.

Every politician should fear Apple and its power to arbitrarily decide what software can be installed on its phones

commented Sweeney, echoing some recent statements by Mark Zuckerberg with substantially identical tone and content.

For several years, more and more companies have been clamoring for an ‘androidification’ of iOS : the possibility of sideloading (and therefore downloading apps directly from the browser or from the PC) and opening up to alternative and competing app stores to Apple’s. But Tim Cook’s company has always been adamant about this: we don’t talk about it, it would be a risk to the safety and privacy of users.


“And yet it is extremely dangerous that a single, huge, company can decide who has the right to distribute its content and who should remain excluded”, insists the CEO of Epic Games. We recall that in the USA, which is the most important market for almost any Western app, Apple holds a market share of over 55.45% (analysts claim that the figure is destined to grow further over the next few years). In essence, it is impossible to thrive without Apple’s approval.


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