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Epic Games Store, today’s free game is adorable

Today’s offer on the Epic Games Store is part of the Free Games for Christmas initiative, one free title per day for two weeks.


Today – December 19, 2022 – Epic Games Store  has made available its new and now usual offer related to  free games  to download at no cost of any kind.

Unlike the Xbox Game Pass catalog (which you can also find  on  Amazon  at a really attractive price) or the recently renewed PS Plus, you don’t need to have any subscription to access the game catalog. It will therefore be enough for you to have an Epic account,  log in and download what you want .

On the pages of  SpazioGames  you will also find  the list of all the free games  on the Epic Games Store  from 2018 to today . Now, the new game offer is available for free download starting now.

Today's offer on the Epic Games Store is part of the Free Games for Christmas initiative,

Today’s offer on the Epic Games Store is a gift that is part of the Free Games for Christmas initiative , one free title per day for two weeks.

It ‘s about Them’s Fightin’ Herds , a 2D fighting game with adorable animals made by the famous cartoonist Lauren Faust. Under the tender rind, a serious fighter is hidden!


As you know, Epic is celebrating the Christmas holidays with 15 free games , the first of which is available from 5pm every afternoon, for 24 hours. This means that the games will remain yours forever, as long as you redeem them by 5pm the following day.

Download free games on the Epic Games Store: how to do it

To download the new free titles on the Epic Games Store, all you have to do is reach  the free games page of the store  and, after logging in with your data, click on the product you are interested in and buy it.

The window that will open on your browser will summarize the details of your order, the cost of which will amount  to zero euros .

Press the green “place order” button at the bottom right and then “accept” to complete the redemption and associate the game with your profile forever, as in the case of normal purchases.


Summing up:

  1. Access  this link  on the Epic Games Store
  2. Make sure you are logged into your profile.
  3. Go to the page of the free game you want to redeem and press “Get”
  4. In the window that appears, press “place order” at the bottom right
  5. At the specific request, press “accept”
  6. The game is in your library.

We also take this opportunity to remind you that a really interesting title has already been announced for next month, on Xbox Game Pass: Monster Hunter Rise will be available for free from January 20th  .


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