Entrepreneurship: what behaviors poison workplaces?

  • The lack of decision making

When there is no stimulation to make decisions in a team, members can feel frustrated and demotivated. If you want to motivate your team, remember to encourage them to be more proactive and innovative. Unleashing creativity will be good for the whole group.

  • The destructive competition

Destructive competition is one of the main factors poisoning working environments. In these situations, there is always a winner and a loser; there are those who take all the credits and there are those who are forced to remain in the background. This type of competition can push people away from each other and impede the flow of ideas.

  • The fear of change

Fear of change can be a crippling force that workplaces cannot afford. Fostering an environment that is open to new ideas and solutions is vital to ensuring your organization is always up to date with the latest business trends and does not fall behind.

  • The culture of justification

The culture of justification is one of the most dangerous trends in the workplace. For this reason, everyone should be encouraged to be more honest with themselves and with others by using positive language and always avoiding the justification of their negative actions.

  • The repression of emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence is one of the most important skills for effectively managing work environments. If we want to promote a healthy work environment we must recognize the value of emotional intelligence and encourage our employees to use it responsibly.


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