Endangered species: adopt one, “Put your heart into it at Christmas”


When we see photos of animals on the internet, we immediately like them, but it’s not enough to save these endangered species . Unfortunately, they are increasingly threatened by habitat loss and illegal trade. The latest data on the health of the planet say that vertebrates have decreased by an average of 69%, reaching 94% in South America and 83% in fresh waters.

By 2050, koalas and polar bears will disappear. There are also more than 12 million lethal traps for tigers and their prey in Southeast Asia. Another species that risks disappearing forever is the Marsican brown bear and pandas are just 2,000 individuals free in the wild.

This is how the campaign ′′ Put your heart into it at Christmas ′′ was created , a way to highlight biodiversity and protect it with a small gesture. The adoption of the endangered species takes place with a soft toy and a nominative certificate with a letter from the WWF or online with a digital signature. For this important campaign, the WWF can count on the support of Rds Next, the social web radio with over 460,000 followers on TikTok. A way to better communicate the objectives of the WWF and the campaign to young people and future generations.



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