Emotional granularity: the importance of distinguishing emotions


Emotion granularity is the ability to understand our emotional experience . Many use broad categories to identify negative emotions. However, neuroscientists describe emotional granularity as the ability to put feelings into words with a high degree of specificity and precision. 


This ability allows you to address speeches with greater physical and behavioral awareness . Let us assume that we have emotional experiences divided into happy and sad. To improve emotional granularity we must first improve our emotional vocabulary. We must be able to classify personal experiences with synonyms and details for what one feels. 

When we say our emotional state in one word, for example “anxious” the facets are many for that same emotion. Knowing how to identify and communicate one’s emotional experiences helps us to behave appropriately in every situation. A plus for health . There are people who can accurately distinguish between their unpleasant feelings and are more flexible in regulating their emotions. If they are stressed they tend not to let off steam by drinking excessively, and in other cases they are less aggressive towards someone who has hurt them. Having good emotional granularity also helps you go to the doctor less and take less medication. 


  • What is emotional granularity and why is it important to recognize emotions (


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