Emotional exhaustion: in Spain it affects family doctors


A recent study found that 92% of general practitioners and out-of-hospital emergency room personnel in Spain suffer from emotional exhaustion.


The result of strenuous working conditions, with an absolute overload of care by doctors who see between 50 and 60 patients a day, instead of the 20-25 recommended by international organizations.

Ángel Luis Rodríguez, mental health manager of the Amyts union and member of the Icomem Mental Health Observatory

We talk about the same symptoms that underlie burnout : anxiety, depression, stress. The College of Physicians and the Madrid Health Service have collected data showing that 86% of doctors suffer from depersonalization syndrome . It’s about less empathy for colleagues and patients. On the other hand, 73% suffer from “low personal achievement” which leads to depression .


20% of burnout doctors have already developed a plan to leave the medical profession. 14% have some type of addiction and 87% take psychotropic drugs to work. The situation is not better in Italy either, because burnout seems to be widespread among doctors in the Lombardy region . The pandemic has really affected the increase in emotional exhaustion. It is now a health condition that cannot be ignored or go unnoticed.

  • In Spain, 92 percent of family doctors suffer from emotional exhaustion (


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