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Elon Musk tries to reassure Tesla investors: “Twitter is an opportunity, not a curse”


Since the beginning of the year Tesla has lost 60% of its value on the Stock Exchange — since yesterday Elon Musk is no longer considered the richest man in the world, his place was taken by the high fashion magnate Antoine Arnault.


According to several analysts, the collapse in the value of Tesla shares would depend at least in part on Elon Musk’s decision to buy Twitter . An operation conducted in an erratic manner and which risked resulting in a complex and potentially painful lawsuit. Things didn’t get better even after the acquisition, which cost 44 billion dollars, was made official: Elon Musk’s management of Twitter was characterized by hasty choices and major changes imposed in the space of a short time, often with disastrous or lame outcomes.

For this reason, many analysts and investors believe that the Elon Musk ‘brand’ is now irreparably ruined.

Leo KoGuan , Tesla’s third-largest shareholder, for example, harshly criticized Elon Musk’s recent choices: “The market voted, the Tesla brand was damaged by the drama caused by the management of Twitter,” he wrote.


Commenting on Antoine Arnault’s overtaking of Musk, Wedbush Securities analyst Dan Ives had in turn said: “the circus that accompanied the negotiations between Elon Musk and Twitter has weakened Tesla’s value”. And again: «Musk has gone from being a superhero, thanks to the positive rally of Tesla shares, to being a ‘villain’, a villain in the eyes of Wall Street investors capable of becoming increasingly disturbing with each tweet he publishes» .


In an attempt to reassure investors, Elon Musk has become defensive, announcing that he is working to ensure that Tesla shareholders end up benefiting from Twitter in the long run. How and when is not known.



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