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Elon Musk tries the impossible: get the ‘edit’ button on Twitter


Yesterday Elon Musk bought over 9% of Twitter ‘s shares , with an operation costing over 3 billion and rewarded by the market: the social network’s shares quickly gained over 20%.


Strengthened by his shares, the entrepreneur is now preparing to promote the first major changes within the social network . Today Musk hinted that he finally wants to bring the ‘edit’ button to Twitter .

Twitter is the only social network that doesn’t allow comments and posts to be edited after they’ve been posted. In other words: there is no way to fix a typo and users have to delete and repost the post every time. Twitter users have been asking for this very trivial and essential feature for years, but they have never been satisfied.

Although Elon Musk is Twitter’s largest individual shareholder, the entrepreneur doesn’t have a majority stake. He can limit himself to using his position to present proposals and vote on those presented by the BoD, but nothing more.


“Do you want the ability to edit posts to be introduced?” reads a poll published by Elon Musk. Two options: ‘no’ and ‘yse’ (sic). The post was also shared by Parag Agrawal , the new CEO of Twitter, who jokingly added: “vote with caution, the effects of this poll will be important”.



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