Elon Musk no longer has $ 200 billion in assets


Elon Musk , over the years has been able to achieve various objectives, one of which, if not perhaps the most important – as it includes all the others – is that of having achieved a total assets of more than 200 billion dollars . It was a real huge goal, even if he was not the only one to achieve it, with the man who had this chance to achieve thanks to his companies and the various plans he has carried out over the years, managing to to be talked about in numerous situations, as well as when he was named as TIME ‘s Most Important Man of the Year just a few months back.

However, even considering that Musk still remains the richest man on Earth, given that no one has managed to match his wealth, it must be considered that this has recently dropped by some considerable amount, therefore going under the much iconic threshold. of the 200 billion dollars.

All this was reported on the pages of Bloomberg , where it was explained that a decline of 13.3 billion dollars  led to wealth to settle only on 198.6 billion dollars , due to how much Tesla ‘s shares have had a big drop.

Apparently, this year the man has already seen 71.1 billion dollars disappear from his pockets, due to geopolitical tensions and further problems concerning the markets he deals with. Perhaps due to the fact that he is undisputedly at the top of the ranking of the richest men, we are dealing with the highest figure of all, although certainly thanks to his resources Musk will not find himself having to deal with many problems, resulting in being able to recover the damage over the next few months.




  • The $ 200 Billion Club Loses Last Member as Elon Musk’s Wealth Tumbles (Bloomberg)


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