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Elon Musk: “I would have no problem having the Neuralink neural chip installed on my children”


Elon Musk is ready to put his hand on the fire for the safety of his neural implant, the chip that will give life to a new man-machine interface and, in other words, the possibility of connecting and controlling devices using one’s mind.


After declaring that he is willing to test the chip himself, the billionaire now claims he is ready to have it implanted on his children as well. “If they needed it,” he said in the hours following the latest Neuralink event . “I would have no problem giving permission to have it installed on one of my children, we have reached a stage where I believe there are no more risks of any kind”.

The final version of the chip will be the size of an Apple Watch and will be installed in place of the skullcap. It is completely wireless and Musk claims that his installation will not cause blemishes or scars: “I could have it installed right now and you might not notice it,” he said only a few days ago.

Between the night of Wednesday 30 November and Thursday 1 December, Neuralink showed the progress made with its  neuro technologies , anticipating that the first tests of its neural implant on humans could begin sooner than imagined, i.e. within the next six months (a condition that the FDA gives the authorization, and there are many doubts about this).


During the event, a new video illustrating the progress achieved by the startup was shared . In the short clip we see a monkey typing some words on a virtual keyboard always using a neural implant connected to his brain. In the billionaire’s ambitions, one day the man-machine interface will make it possible to connect to smart devices in ways unimaginable today, opening the door to new possibilities: for example, it will be possible to make people who have lost it regain their sight.



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