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Elon Musk: “Do you want me to resign as CEO of Twitter?”. Plebiscitary consensus for yes


Yet another poll, but this time something broke: Elon Musk asked Twitter users if they want him to step down as CEO of the company. Against all odds, yes is winning by a large margin. The poll will be closed in a few hours and the billionaire has promised that he will abide by what will be decided by the majority of voters.


The first poll, launched to the cry of Vox populi, vox Dei , decreed the return of Donald Trump on Twitter (he didn’t care, so much so that he has yet to publish a single tweet); then a second survey, this time for a mass amnesty for the benefit of all banned people (especially if they are victims of  cancel culture  and  deplatforming)and even on that occasion the yes had won. Even more recently, Musk had asked users if he should immediately reinstate some journalists banned for a controversy related to doxing, a misstep that had cost Twitter the harsh reaction of the European Union. On the latter occasion, with the victory of the yeses, the first rejection of the management by Elon Musk of Twitter had also arrived. Musk had ordered the journalists’ ban just 24 hours earlier.

As we write this news, 57% of poll participants have voted for Elon Musk to resign . The no stop at 42.6%. A gap too large to be filled: there are less than two hours to go before the end of the vote.

Elon Musk had immediately declared that his leadership would be pro-tempore, and that over the next few months he would pass the baton to a new CEO. It is difficult to imagine that Musk can and wants to resign immediately: more likely that at the end of the vote – in case of confirmation of the yes victory -, he announces his plans to leave the reins of the social network to a successor (perhaps already designated for some time), specifying that the operation will take a few months. In short, everything according to plan, without major upheavals.


Or at least, that’s what we assume assuming that Musk acts with a certain forethought and rationality — something many commentators are increasingly dubious and skeptical about.



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