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Elon Musk declares war on Apple: “they threaten to remove Twitter from the App Store, but do not tell us why”


Apple would have threatened to remove Twitter from the App Store , the only marketplace available on iOS, and therefore on iPhones. “They refuse to tell us why.” And obviously the bitten apple has already become the billionaire’s public enemy N.1, who in the space of a few minutes has already shared half a dozen memes, digs and accusations against Apple.


“Did you know that Apple imposes a secret tax of 30% on everything you buy from the App Store?” tweeted Elon Musk . “Pay Apple 30% of what you earn / Go to war”, then recite the road signs of the classic meme with the crossroads and the car squealing out.

Then a survey (yet another), with the billionaire asking his followers if Apple should reveal to the public all the times it censors an application or content. Obviously the yes is winning hands down. And finally, a retweet of a post by the co-founder of Dogecoin, who argues that Apple should be more transparent in communicating the reasons behind its decisions to remove some apps from the App Store.

“Apple has virtually suspended all advertising investments on Twitter. Do they hate free speech in America?” he tweeted controversially. “What’s going on?” He then asks, tagging Tim Cook.


In short, you got the hint. Apple has become the new public enemy number one of Elon Musk and his circle.


The temptation to launch a new smartphone

Only a few days ago, when asked by a journalist what he would do if Apple and Google decided to censor Twitter, Elon Musk replied by saying that he would produce his own smartphone , with a proprietary operating system.

That of digital apps is essentially a duopoly which, by the same admission of an illustrious loser ( ie Bill Gates ), leaves no room for third party contenders. Huawei itself after gaining access to Google services has gone from being the largest smartphone maker in the world to occupying an irrelevant niche in the market. His plans to make HarmonyOS – an alternative operating system to Android – mainstream outside of China have not yet been successful.


By virtue of all this, it is very difficult to believe that Elon Musk could win a hypothetical war against Google and Apple. Creating an alternative ecosystem to that of the two American giants – in the most optimistic of hypotheses – would take several years. More than Twitter can survive outside the App Store and Play Store.



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