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Elon Musk can develop an alternative smartphone to iPhone and Android models

Elon Musk has announced that he can develop an alternative smartphone if Apple and Google kick Twitter out of their app stores.

Last October, we told you that Elon Musk, one of the most popular names in the internet and technology world, officially bought Twitter . After the purchase, Musk, who made many decisions that drew reaction , continues to change Twitter with each passing day.


According to the information we come across today, Elon Musk’s next target is the smartphone market. Replying to a follower’s Tweet on Twitter, Elon Musk announced that he could develop an alternative smartphone if Apple and Google kicked Twitter out of their app stores.




We recently conveyed to you that Donald Trump returned to Twitter after a poll by Elon Musk on Twitter. Sharing a survey for accounts suspended after the Donald Trump decision, Musk is preparing a mass amnesty for suspended accounts.


Re-activation of suspended accounts may conflict with Apple and Google’s app store policies. With the realization of this situation, Twitter may face the danger of being kicked out of the application stores.

Making explanations for exactly this scenario, Musk shared that if Twitter is removed from the application stores, he can develop an alternative smartphone to iPhone and Android models in the future.

To remind you, there were news that Elon Musk wanted to produce a smartphone with the Tesla brand in the past. If Twitter has problems with its app stores, it wouldn’t be a surprise if Tesla produces a smartphone.


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