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“Electric cars are still a luxury item.” The Government wants to review the incentive system


In a long interview with La Repubblica, the Minister of Enterprise and Made in Italy (or MISE , for the nostalgic) Adolfo Urso spoke of the need to accelerate the transition to electric cars, explaining that it may be necessary to redesign the current incentive system (whose funds are drained, every time, almost instantly).


The electric car is perceived as a luxury item, reserved for the few. For this reason, the incentives have been remodulated: an additional contribution is envisaged for the purchase of electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids for people with ISEE below 30,000 euros and a contribution, equal to 50% of that foreseen for people physical, for car rental business

he declared, adding that his government intends to support “the ecological transition with determination” without however maintaining an ideological vision. That is, supporting electricity at all costs, ignoring other possible solutions. «We do not read reality with blinders and we defend the principle of technological neutrality».

The most interesting passage concerns the government’s vision of the current incentive system and, in particular, the need to upgrade infrastructure.

The methods of providing incentives can be rethought, but there is a precondition: the diffusion of charging stations to support demand. In the absence of infrastructure, the demand for electric cars cannot take off


In this regard, Urso anticipated that the bonuses to finance the installation of wallboxes in condominiums will be extended throughout 2023.



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