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Elden Ring: Colosseum, free DLC officially announced with a trailer: here is the release date


Surprisingly, From Software has announced the arrival of Elden Ring: Colosseum , the new free expansion for the game complete with trailer and release date . The update will be available to all game owners starting tomorrow, December 7, 2022. You can view the presentation trailer in the tweet below:


“ Come forward, warriors, and immerse yourself in the glory of the Colosseum,” reads the message shared in the tweet. “Challenge yourself in various duels and battles, together or alone within the free Colosseum Update. Coming December 7th.”

In essence, therefore, the new free Elden Ring DLC ​​opens the doors to the arenas of Limgrave, Leyndell and Caelid allowing players to try their hand at multiplayer PvP challenges with a high challenge rate. The Senzaluce will also be able to test themselves by choosing from various modes including Duels, All against All and Team Combat.

Elden Ring is From Software’s acclaimed open world action RPG, up for GOTY at this year’s The Game Awards. In our review , we pointed out that “Elden ring is the highest point ever reached by From Software. A new way of conceiving the genre that marks the beginning of a new and disruptive era for Miyazaki’s team. Enhanced by an enlightened art direction and an unprecedented approach to exploration that enhances and intensifies the player’s sense of discovery and freedom, the title returns familiar elements and sensations to fans, managing to make the most of all the potential of the new open context world. Net of some rather marked inaccuracies on the technical front, Elden Ring is even more majestic, richer and more satisfying than we could have ever imagined. A playful, intense and all-encompassing experience that we won’t forget for a long, long time. 


Elden Ring: Colosseum will be available for PC, PlayStation and Xbox.

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