Eggs: why have they become a rarity in England?


Eggs have been banned in England in recent weeks due to a flu epidemic. This is in addition to farmers already affected by the war-induced increase in grain and energy prices in Ukraine. The breakfast of the English is therefore at risk! Some supermarkets have already started rationing, allowing each customer to buy a maximum of two packs of eggs. Some pub chains have changed their menu, replacing this product.


They are the basic elements of the English breakfast, but their cost has tripled! The shops are affected, but also the cafes that serve omelets and bacon sandwiches at all hours. In these places, you find workers who usually have lunch at reasonable prices. The cost of producing this popular dish among tourists and Brits has skyrocketed in a country where inflation exceeds 11%.

Data show that there are still 14 million laying hens available in the country, but supply has declined since early November. In anticipation of Christmas, a third of producers have already reduced their production, according to trade associations. In addition to the egg crisis, there is already general discontent among the population. First Brexit, then the cost of living crisis. Now also the austerity budget with forecasts for higher taxes and lower spending in a country already in recession.

  • There is a shortage of eggs in the UK. English breakfast at risk (


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