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eFootball 2023 “Football Festival” Starts

A brand new tournament of 40 National Teams and a series of limited time events await you in eFootball 2023

Konami Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd. In a statement made today, eFootball 2023’s “2. announced that it has entered the “Season of 2” and that it will organize a series of events and campaigns themed “Football Festival”, some of which have started as of today.


Added to the game are a total of 40 National teams that can be selected in limited-time offline “Trial Match” and online “Dream Team” modes, and “National Team Packs” of Japan, Brazil, Argentina and France.

In addition to the “International Cup Experience”, a tournament event against artificial intelligence where users can play as one of the 46 existing national teams, there will also be the “eFootball International Cup”, a challenge event with a total prize pool of 1 billion eFootball Coins, in which players represent their nation. continues.

There are now 40 teams in the “Trial Match”.

The “Trial Match” within the scope of eFootball 2023 offline mode is in the game for a limited time so that game lovers can choose one of 40 national teams and play.

eFootball™ 2023 National Teams

These teams are playable from Wednesday, November 16, until mid-February 2023.


In addition, 2v2 matches can now be played offline, so that console players can easily enjoy eFootball with their friends.

“International Cup Experience” continues

The “International Cup Experience” (“International Cup Experience”), a tribute to 2022’s worldwide football calendar, is coming to eFootball 2023. This experience will allow players from 46 countries to compete against the AI ​​and compete in both the group stages and the knockout rounds to play to the top of world football.

This experience will continue from Thursday, November 17 to Thursday, January 12, 2023.

Also, the “eFootball International Cup” is already underway, where users can win over 1 billion eFootball Coins!

The “eFootball International Cup” has been running since Thursday, October 20th and will end on Saturday, December 17th.

New National Team Packs

Four more National Team Packs are available to assist eFootball players with different gaming experiences. These packs will contain 11 players from each country and will allow novice players to make their starting 11 rosters stronger. Experienced eFootball players will thus have the opportunity to further strengthen their “Dream Teams”.

Released National Team Packs include:

National Package: France 2022 (November)

National Package: Argentina 2022 (November)

National Package: Brazil 2022 (November)

National Package: Japan 2022 (November)

eFootbal™ 2023

Each National Team Pack will also include a player who will appear as the “Big Time” card, the new theme of Legendary cards.

What is “Big Time”?

“Big Time” is the new theme of “Legendary” eFootball player cards. These cards can belong to old or new players, and with a special card design, they pay homage to the players’ most memorable moments on the field. This will allow users to potentially recreate (or even better) these moments in eFootball 2023.


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