Economic manoeuvre: from bills to the flat tax


The economic maneuver of the Meloni government has many interventions to be done. In addition to fighting the cost of energy, the flat tax or the revision of the citizen’s income is added. The Ministry of the Economy has made 30 billion euros available. Two other measures for 2023 are:  the increase in the cash ceiling to 5 thousand euros and the cut of the super bonus to 90%.

As far as the flat tax is concerned, it is its extension for self-employed and VAT numbers with revenues of up to 85 thousand euros (previous 65 thousand). Furthermore, also the incremental flat tax for those who do not adhere to the flat-rate regime would see the 15% rate applied to the increase in income in 2022. A comparison with the highest income declared in the previous three years.

The prevailing hypothesis envisages lowering the income threshold to 60,000 euros (currently 120,000) after which the decalage is triggered until the 19% deduction is reset. There will also be a new re-release of the scrap. In the maneuver the new Quota 41 pension advance scheme (with 61 or 62 years of age). A reform that contains the posts and to bring the country to overcome the Fornero Law. The cost of the operation is one billion euros to be financed with the revision of the citizen’s income.

Confirmation of the two percentage point cut in the tax wedge is also expected in the budget law . In the electoral promises there was talk of a five-point reduction in the cost of labour, we will see if they are implemented. We are working on the simulations on the budget appropriations to be approved in the Council of Ministers by the end of the month. Only one month for the budget session and the green light by 31 December.

  • From bills to the flat tax: the maneuver is an open building site (


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