President of Azerbaijan Aliyev: All Azerbaijani people stand by the brotherly Turkish people

President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev paid a condolence visit to the Turkish Embassy in Baku for those who lost their lives in the earthquake. Aliyev wrote in his condolence notebook the note “All Azerbaijani people stand by the brotherly Turkish people”.

President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev paid a condolence visit to the Turkish Embassy in Baku for the citizens who lost their lives in the earthquake in Turkey. Welcomed by Cahit Bağcı, Turkey’s Ambassador to Baku, President Aliyev signed the condolence book opened in memory of those who lost their lives in the earthquake. Having chatted with Ambassador Bağcı for a while, he said that it is a great tragedy that innocent people lost their lives and were injured in the earthquakes that hit the media in Turkey.



Stating that Azerbaijan has always stood by brotherly Turkey from the first minutes and hours, Aliyev said, “As always, we showed our support and solidarity. We consider it an honor if we were able to help alleviate the consequences of this bitter tragedy, even for a bit. Turkey has always been with us in good times and in hard times. This terrible Earthquake shook us a lot. It has caused great spiritual pain for each of us. We share the pain of our brothers. We wish the injured a speedy recovery. When I called my dear brother, Mr. President, on the phone, I conveyed my condolences and said that we are with you with all our being and that we are constantly sending delegations. At the same time, doctors, rescuers, volunteers are being sent and I said they will be sent,” he said.

Stating that the Azerbaijani people are doing their best to support their own brothers, Aliyev said, “Some bring blankets, some bring beds, some bring jackets. The people do not spare what they can afford. We show once again to the whole world that real fraternal relations exist not only at the interstate level, not at the level of heads of state, but also between peoples. Our public institutions also show their support. The Heydar Aliyev Foundation has already launched a major initiative. All the opportunities of the Foundation, all the people working within the Foundation have already participated in this aid campaign.”

Expressing that he gave instructions to support SOCAR, the Azerbaijan State Oil Company, Aliyev said, “As you know, SOCAR has great activities and extensive opportunities in Turkey. This company is also a Turkish company and is trying and will work to help with all the means at its disposal. I know that the representatives of our state institutions are also active in the humanitarian organization within their own organizations, and we can only welcome this. In other words, today, the entire Azerbaijani people stand by the brotherly Turkish people. The Presidential Administration has been instructed, all aid issues will be managed from a single center. In addition, our hospitals have all kinds of conditions for the treatment of our wounded brothers. Baku’



Stating that the hearts of the Haydar Aliyev Foundation and ASAN service are on their way to Turkey, Aliyev said, “I am sure that Turkey will come out of this bitter test with its head high and overcome it. But this is an unbelievably great tragedy. Every life saved feels like saving a World To Us. Again Turkey, Azerbaijan and rescuers from other countries are doing a great job. Of course, the real burden and moral burden falls on the Turkish government. Mr. President, my brother immediately gave all the instructions, sent all the ministers to the disaster areas, I am sure that the strong Turkish state will overcome this difficulty and will continue its rescue and search efforts in the near future. We are also ready to participate in the restoration work. Turkey-Azerbaijan is already one fist, one heart, one soul. This is how we see it, and this is how the citizens of Turkey and Azerbaijan see it. It is a great honor for us to be with Turkey in these difficult days.”


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