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 you can earn as much money as you want whenever you want even if you don’t possess a camera all you have to do is click on the photographs then click the download option and voila this website which is accessible globally will pay you for your photos yes even you the person who is presently watching this can do it and make money online as you won’t have to report to anybody and will have unlimited independence this is an excellent way to earn money but before we get into the rest of the video welcome to moneyguide here you’ll be able to learn to make


money in a short amount of time in the simplest way possible so make sure to subscribe to our channel as well as hit the bell icon to be in the loop of what’s happening here without wasting further time let’s jump right into the video let’s begin with which is the first site we’ll show you this is a designer website as you can see from the main page where you can come and utilize the hundreds of templates and offer such as producing an instagram post or an instagram story guess it’s a designed website but you don’t need to be a skilled or experienced designer to accomplish this task you don’t need any prior knowledge and you’ll immediately see that this is a really easy process by simply following the directions in this video anybody can accomplish this and make money when you first come in the site click the sign up symbol in the top right corner to register furthermore since this is a fully free site you’ll not be required to make any financial investments it’s worth mentioning that they do have particular pricing plans so if you want to use them in the long term you’ll have to pay them when the trial time is up but it won’t be an issue because of the amount of money you may earn by utilizing this website anyway you’ll be led to the crella website where you may sign up using your google facebook or apple accounts alternatively you may join up using your email address and password in the appropriate areas and then when you’re ready click sign up you’ll be able to view and utilize all of these templates after you’ve signed in which include instagram stories and post templates as well as youtube thumbnails and facebook posts [Music] this website is unique as i already said it is in that sense a design oriented website you may utilize the site to make youtube thumbnails if you have even basic design abilities which can earn you a lot of money over time [Music] thumbnails on the other hand need consideration of these factors make sure you’re using the proper thumbnail size for youtube start with the right size and proportions if you’re going to put in the effort to develop a professional looking thumbnail also keep in mind that it’s a major no-no to create a thumbnail picture that’s too tiny although thumbnail pictures and youtube search results are minimal keep in mind that youtube videos might be included as well as a result rather than a little picture that’ll be scaled up you want a bigger image that can be shrunk down this ensures that the product is of the highest possible standard you must also save the file in the jpeg gif bmp or png image format and keep it under 2mb restriction remember that your youtube thumbnail backdrop should be a stunning picture to capture your audience’s attention you’ll need powerful graphics a high resolution image that serves as a preview for the video not only provides contacts but also allows your viewers to get acquainted with your style including text ads in your video thumbnail has several advantages the most important of which is that it provides viewers with more information about your movie a basic picture no matter how lovely may not answer one of your visitors most urgent issues capture the central concept in a captivating title that’ll entice viewers to watch the video the thumbnail text heads might be numbered if you make a series numbered youtube thumbnails will assist your visitors to keep track of the content they’re watching just like a tv program with number episodes and seasons it also encourages people to seek out additional information text heads are included in thumbnails of certain brands such as apple to convey extra information that’s not immediately apparent one of the thumbnails above for example has a horizon picture which would be very generic on its own thus adding a caption to the thumbnail will bring about a relatable context to attract viewers remember that youtube thumbnails may help you make a lot of money so keep those methods in mind returning to you don’t need any specific skills to utilize this platform since the templates are virtually done for you [Music] all you have to do now is adjust them to your customers tastes and you’re done good templates as we all know are worthless if you can’t change or edit them appropriately or if the editor isn’t up to grade [Music] to say the least the editor on this platform is fantastic the backdrop colors as well as the text placement size and font are all customizable you’re also free to write whatever you wish [Music] let’s get started now since you know what crello is but first allow me to explain how you will be reimbursed is a website to be approached and you may go there right now for those of you who haven’t heard about this site this site is a freelancing marketplace where regular individuals like you and me can offer our skills such as transcriptions graphic design poster design and other services we need you to go to the site right now and register since we’ll not be paying anybody and we’ll be selling our services ourselves when you click the i want to work here button you’ll be led to a new page where you’ll need to enter your email address check that you’re not a robot and then sign up you’ll then be asked to provide personal information such as your first and surname names as well as a password you’ll be able to join up after you’ve filled in all of that information you may now browse through other projects on the next page in the left side of the screen by clicking on the browse button on the website however because we’re here to get paid for work we should go right to the graphics and design section people ready to spend a lot of money on a range of designs or services may be found there a logo design might cost as much as 30 dollars in this instance to demonstrate how fast you can make one using krello let’s use an example simply return to and put the term logo into the search boxes to see hundreds of ready-to-use logos [Music] keep in mind that ordinarily a designer would have to build logo from the start but you already have one digitrello all you have to do now is choose one of these options and the one you choose will be determined by the needs of your consumer all you have to do is update the text to match your style when you open the logo you may get 30 to 40 dollars for a few minutes of labor keep in mind that the logo design presented as an example will only net you a tiny profit but don’t worry developing additional logos will help you make a lot more money you may make as much money as you desire but just repeating the procedure now all you have to do is identify a customer that needs your assistance simply follow all of the methods outlined above if you want to make a lot of money you may earn hundreds of dollars in only a few hours of straightforward work so the job is quite simple isn’t it after all a quick side hustle to grab a few extra boxes never really hurt anyone if you enjoy this video do have a look at some other videos of ours and we’re sure you’ll enjoy them the same as this one with that being said we have come to the end of our video and we hope you found it quite informative do drop this video alike to support our efforts and also do press the subscribe button to gain access to all our content while you’re at it push the bell icon to receive the latest updates on the events taking place of money guide and we can’t wait to have you back on our channel bye and see you guys real soon you 


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