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E3 2023: PlayStation, Nintendo and Xbox will not participate, according to an indiscretion

E3 2023: PlayStation, Nintendo and Xbox will not participate, according to an indiscretion.


According to a report published by IGN, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo will not take part directly in E3 2023 this summer. 2023 should be the year that marks the triumphant return of the Los Angeles fair, with an event that is finally back in attendance after a past edition made almost entirely digitally and two canceled following the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic.


However, apparently, this year’s E3 could prove to be different in many respects, starting with the absence of the three big names in the gaming industry. This was reported by IGN USA which claims to have received confirmation from multiple internal sources that Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft will not take part in the event with a conference or with their own stand on the showfloor of the Los Angeles Convention Center.

While on the one hand the news is not surprising regarding the absence of PlayStation which has not taken part in the event since 2019, the absence of Nintendo certainly generates more perplexity. In fact, despite the format of the Directs, the big N has always been present at E3 with its own stand. According to VGC’s Andy Robinson, Mario’s house will not take part in the event as it has no big launches ready to be shown, but even these statements for the moment remain pure indiscretions.

The information of the absence of the three big names from E3, among other things, comes a few days after the release of a long interview with Phil Spencer with IGN: the Head of Microsoft Gaming declared that Xbox would be present in Los Angeles, with a new summer event, without however specifying whether or not this would have been part of this year’s E3 programming.


Even from ReedPop there are no confirmations or denials. The British company has said in recent months that this year’s E3 will be a decidedly important event and that it will include both live and digital events  to offer a completely renewed and content-rich experience.

To date, therefore, we have no confirmation that Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo will not be present at E3 2023. So, pending further developments, we advise you, as always, to take the reports with a grain of salt pending official confirmation.

Before leaving you, we remind you that this year’s E3 will be held from 13 to 16 June 2023. 


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