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Dyson Zone: the headphones with built-in air purifier that look like they came out of Cyberpunk 2077


Dyson has presented wireless headphones that integrate an air purifying mask. The gadget looks like it came out of Cyberpunk 2077 but it’s not a prototype or a concept: the Dyson Zones are a real product that should also arrive in Italy (where they will cost over €1,000).


The system is modular and the user can decide whether to use only the smart mask for air purification, only the wireless headphones or both accessories together. The mask magnetically attaches to the headphones, creating a kind of helmet that leaves the upper part of the face exposed.

The mask – explains Dyson – filters the air and captures the vast majority of particles and fumes, providing a continuous flow of clean air . An automatic mode can be set, which adjusts the flow based on the user’s breathing rate, or the setting can be set manually.

From the MyDyson app it is then possible to view the status of the filters in real time (receiving a warning when they need to be changed) and receive information on the quality of the air and in general on the level of pollution of the surrounding environment.


And then there are the headphones, on paper of excellent quality: there is the active noise cancellation made possible by a system with eight microphones capable of analyzing the surrounding sound with a frequency of 384,000 times per second. The neodymium driver is 40mm and has a low acoustic impedance. Dyson promises high fidelity sound quality, while the battery should provide up to 50 hours of use (which drops to 4 when using the purifier).


The Dyson Zones will debut in 2023 and even if there is no official information on their arrival in Italy, a page on the Italian version of the official Dyson website bodes well. The price? We are talking about over €1,000.



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