Drones: the responsibilities of manufacturers


There is more and more responsibility on the part of drone manufacturers , in case of damage or injury caused. Here the European commission has proposed an increase in the responsibility of those who produce drones in case of accidents related to the malfunction of integrated artificial intelligence.

Currently, drone manufacturers are protected in the event of these accidents. It is the eventual victims who have to prove the app error that caused damage and accidents. Proving that the damage is caused by an autonomous flying drone is due to an error in the vehicle’s control system. This is a test that often costs very much economically to be able to rely on experts in the sector.

If the new regulation is approved, drone manufacturers will have to demonstrate the proper functioning of their technologies and risk control systems. Manufacturers will have to prove the functionality of their products. An example could be an error in the analysis of the detected data due to the artificial intelligence integrated on the drone. In this case, a mandate will be assigned to the drone operator. The latter aware of the error and its cause, may request the intervention of the responsibility of the app manufacturer. In short, a regulation that allows important protection , given the usefulness of drones in many various control and information collection activities.

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