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Drones: study and prevent tree diseases


The new drones invented in Hawaii are essential for reaching plants in the most remote places. This drone has a chainsaw for collecting samples of a useful size to do the necessary analyses. The project of these innovative drones was born from the study on tree diseases by the University of Hawaii. The creator is Professor Ryan Perroy of the Hilo Department of Geography and Environmental Sciences.


The drone equipped with a chainsaw and a robotic claw thus manage to take plant samples to analyze them. Many small tree samples test negative for RDO fungus. If larger samples are analyzed, then 77% of the cuttings are infected. In order to fight these diseases, it is necessary to identify the problem immediately and stop its spread. RDO fungus can spread quickly carried by animals or by wind. We must first understand which areas are infected to act in the most correct way.

Drones are therefore a valid support for preventing or treating tree diseases well in advance. They allow scholars to analyze the most difficult to reach plants. In this case the drone with chainsaw and robotic claw also makes use of 3D printing which has allowed the application of these tools to the drone.



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