Drones: record fine for a pilot

Drones: record fine for a pilot.


At the time a drone pilot piloted the device there was a huge fire in Canada, exactly at Jasper National Park. The pilot received a fine of around 10,000 euros for flying the drone near the fire. The unauthorized presence of the drone would have hampered the operations of the helicopters active during the fire. 


Such a hefty fine has generated a lot of discussions, 10,000 euros is truly a record fine. Two reasons exist for the tight Canadian restrictions on the use of drones in national parks, on the other is a clear safety problem. First then the restriction rules of the Canada National Parks Act. According to the safety issue, the unauthorized maneuvers of the drone even forced the helicopters to stop rescue operations for an hour. Dawn Poskocil is the drone pilot who received the hefty fine. She didn’t know about the area’s drone restrictions, but she should have been! 

The drone pilot must always know the regulations in force in the area where you want to use your device. If there are prohibitions , they must be respected. In parks, bans are intended to be a form of protection and attention to the flora and fauna living in those specific areas. 




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