Drones: Powerlink used them for the state network


Drones: Powerlink used them for the state network.

Powerlink used drone technology for the first time . The most innovative and effective method for stringing transmission lines between the tallest towers in its statewide network . The goal was to connect Neoen’s Kaban Green Power Hub to the grid.


Our highly skilled drone pilots were able to safely fly insulating rope over four existing energized transmission line strands, known as ‘conductors’, which are the critical backbone of Far North Queensland’s electricity supply. Our lines team was then able to safely pull the conductor and install it on the existing live wires.

Powerlink CEO, Paul Simshauser


Powerlink made the decision for the first time to use drones to tighten 100m of line in a limited environment. Truly exemplary stringing work for the Kaban project. The project will bring additional clean energy needed to the grid, a goal to be pursued before next summer. Kaban is a key part of the renewable energy journey. A support for commercial and industrial customers to reach the decarbonization goals 

  • Drones used to install QLD transmission lines (


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