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Drones: light show in Australia


A truly magical light show left its audience speechless. It happened in Australia above the Perth river, with about fifty drones crashed during the Drone Sky show. No injuries were reported, because public safety was organized down to the smallest detail. Light shows with drones are events that are spreading more and more. The peculiarity of this Australian event was precisely that it saw around fifty drones crash, the highest number so far.


Unfortunately, however, it was not successful because this drone show has negative consequences from an advertising point of view, but also from an economic point of view. There are exactly 50 drones worth $2,000 each, which have now become unusable due to the crash . However, other previous demonstrations of Drone Sky had been completely successful, but this time it was a disaster!

The bad experience allows us to understand how these modern technologies can be subjected to errors or accidents . Experts are trying to understand the cause of this disaster and how so many drones have gone out of control. In the future, specialists will do everything to prevent similar and such catastrophic situations from happening again.



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