Drones: in India they carry apples

Drones: in India they carry apples.


In Kinnaur, India, the use of drones to transport apples produced in the area has been trialled. An area that is difficult to reach and very isolated. Experienced activities with the drone carrying 20 kg crates of apples. A connection between orchards and main roads for a distance of 12 km in just 6 minutes. 


For such inaccessible areas, the costs of traditional transport would be too high and the timing exaggerated. The drone allows you to reduce costs and times, simplifying all this. Drones are capable of lifting at least 200 kg at one time. Costs and time are reduced to the bone. Let’s consider that sometimes the apples are even brought on foot to the centers closest to the orchard. So this project is extremely important. Drones are now used in all sectors for all types of use and have become the kings of logistics. 

In India, apart from apple transportation, drones are very useful and used in other stages. For example for spreading fertilizers monitoring the health of crops in agriculture. In addition, also for the collection of information associated with production. A huge step forward that transforms these agricultural activities into more valid and profitable activities. 




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