Drones Beyond 2022: one hundred drones in the sky of Bari


The event is organized by the Aerospace Technology District (DTA) and the Municipality of Bari. Together with the patronage of the Puglia Region and Anci and with the support of Eurocontrol, UIC2 and the EU-Network for U-space Stakeholders. Between 17-18 November, a hundred drones will take off in Bari . We talk about Drones Beyond 2022 , the largest European event in an urban environment regarding drone demonstrations.

Here is the program for the two days of the event . On Friday 17 November, 9 am, the institutional greetings to the participants in the event by the president of the Region Michele Emiliano and the mayor of Bari Antonio Decaro. The introduction will be held by the president of the DTA Giuseppe Acierno and by the deputy mayor of Bari Eugenio Di Sciascio. The first day will be concluded by Gianna Elisa Berlingerio, director of the Economic Development Department of the Puglia Region, by Giuseppe Acierno and Eugenio Di Sciascio. The flight demonstrations will start at 2.30pm and end at 6pm with the Drone Air Show.

The Eagle Projects company will bring together art and technology thanks to its drones. The devices will move in time to the music to create animations and light sequences in the sky. A way to replace the impact on the environment and the damage caused by fireworks . In addition to the nature of the event, flight demonstrations or recordings are planned to verify the use of drones in different activities. For example road monitoring, navigability, cargo delivery, coastal and environmental control with solar-powered drones and more.

The event aims to give indications on the development of technologies and applications in the field of drones. The medium-long term aim tends to enhance a single infrastructure between Grottaglie and Bari. In the hope of obtaining a connection between the two nodes over time thanks to an experimental highway for drones. Drones Beyond 2022 also includes the holding of panels with the presence of experts, institutions and companies in the sector. One way to illustrate the Italian perspectives of future urban mobility.

  • A hundred drones flying in the sky over Bari (


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